Over the course of 6 days, hear from world-renowned speakers who will address many of the most critical and controversial issues that influence the clinical practice of newborn medicine.

Meet Our Speakers

Laurie Armsby, MD

Oregon Health and Science University

Dara Brodsky, MD

Harvard Medical School

David J. Burchfield, MD

University of Florida

Reese Clark, MD

The MEDNAX Center for Research, Education, Quality and Safety

Rodney K. Edwards, MD, MS

University of Oklahoma

Lucky Jain, MD, MBA

Emory University

Martin Keszler, MD

Brown University

Robert M. Lawrence, MD

University of Florida

Pedro Mancias, MD

University of Texas

Camilia Martin, MD

Harvard Medical School

James Moore, MD, PhD

University of Connecticut

Fernando Moya, MD

Betty Cameron Women and Children’s Hospital

Ravi M. Patel, MD, MSc

Emory University

Matthew Saxonhouse, MD

University of North Carolina

Sarah Taylor

Medical University of South Carolina

David L. Weisoly, DO

Pediatrix Medical Group of Texas

Michael Weiss, MD

University of Florida

Jon Williams, MD

University of Florida

James Wynn, MD

University of Florida

John Zupancic, MD

Harvard Medical School