Day 1
01 Mar 2022
Day 2
02 Mar 2022
Day 3
03 Mar 2022
Day 4
04 Mar 2022
Day 5
05 Mar 2022
Day 6
06 Mar 2022

Welcome and Overview of Course

David L. Weisoly, D.O., FAAP

Fetal and Neonatal Growth / Aberrant Growth States: Problem-Based Review

The Dharmapuri Vidyasagar Lectureship
David L. Weisoly, D.O., FAAP

All About Hematology

Review of Hematopoiesis, Hemoglobin and Red Cell Disorders Review of Platelets and Coagulation
Matthew Saxonhouse, M.D.

All About Hematology continued

Pathophysiology, Prevention and Management of Bilirubin, Jaundice and Kernicterus Audience Response Quiz on Blood Smears
Matthew Saxonhouse, M.D.

SR Battle of the Boards – 6th Edition!!

An Evening of Quiz Questions & Camaraderie!
Dara Brodsky, M.D.
Camilia Martin, M.D.
James Moore, M.D., PhD
Matthew Saxonhouse, M.D.
David L. Weisoly, D.O., FAAP